The Daily Show Visits Campless, Sneaker Con, and The Sneaker Don

The Daily Show, more known for their political satire, pieced together a mini segment on the sneaker culture. The segment included an interview piece with Josh Luber of Campless, a trip to SneakerCon Cleveland, and a visit to sneaker reseller "The Sneaker Don" warehouse. The piece focuses on the $1.2 Billion sneaker aftermarket industry and how the people pioneering the secondary market could be anyone from 40 years old to 15 years old. Comparing the sneaker market to the drug market, the segment aims to show the power of having availability to the sneakers in high demand and how people are willing to pay 2-3x its retail price, creating an entire business. 

None of this comes as anything new to most of us who have been involved with sneakers for quite some time, but for those who aren't entirely in tune with the sneaker market, it's pretty shocking that the secondary market for popular sneakers yields more money than the second most profitable footwear company, Sketchers. 

Watch the full video above or click here (Segment begins at 9 minutes and 27 seconds)