Adidas Will Increase Yeezy Boost Production This Year

According to TSG, retailers will be releasing up to 4x more the inventory on Adidas Yeezy Boosts in 2016. According to an inside source at a Yeezy Boost retailer, the store expects to receive up to 200 pairs per release, per store, in 2016. Previously, the store only received 50 pairs per release, per store throughout 2015. If this holds up to be true, then this will be promising for fans of the partnership, who experienced a very hectic and chaotic year. Another retailer, who is close with SneakerShouts expressed that production number on Yeezys in 2015 were around 10-15K and expects the number to jump between 40-50K this year. Although it is all speculation, 2016 seems like it will be a huge year for the Adidas and Yeezy partnership! 

With it being rumored that six more Yeezy 350s are on the way and now possibly being available in quadruple the inventory, Kanye West might actually be reaching his promise of making his sneaker widely available. Stay tuned with SneakerShouts as more info unfolds.