There's Something About Jordan: Who Really Brought Him Over To Nike?

Michael Jordan's relationship with Nike has been a mighty fruitful one when it comes to financial domination and culture shift. It has been well documented as far as we have been lead to believe. That is until now. In an article that appeared on USA Today, all the major players including Michael himself were interviewed on the matter of who brought the G.O.A.T over to the Swoosh. Everyone chimed in with just about a different side of the story. Plenty of people that we knew about were mentioned as were others that we now include into this Air Jordan puzzle. It is definitely an interesting read as things that we had only heard about before were actually confirmed in this piece, like Jordan actually meeting with adidas (around 1989-90) to explore the possibility of making the jump to the 3 Stripes.

Check the article HERE and let us know your opinion down in the comments. 

Source: USA Today