Sneaker Con Chicago: Ace Of Customs "Sprite Tropical" LeBron 10 Challenge

Sneaker Customizers V.A.B, Noelito, and Astrotorf competed last weekend at Sneaker Con Chicago for the Ace of Customs title. Partnering up with Sprite and utilizing their current "Sprite Tropical" Sprite campaign, customizers were given direction to create a Tropical inspired theme sneaker using a Nike LeBron 10 as the base. Each customizer was given 5 hours of live painting to bring the concept to life. Each design was judged by myself, T.Blake, and Bull1TRC. and was based on each sneaker's Concept, Creativity, Technique, Execution, and Aesthetics. 

Below is closer look at each artists' completed work and inspiration behind the sneaker. 

Stay tuned for Ace of Customs' announcement of the winner in the next few weeks. Also let us know in the comments below who you think should win! 


Customizer V.A.B took inspiration from his favorite vacation spot, Miami Beach. Utilizing a very unique color blocking approach, V.A.B displays the popular Miami colorway on the upper of the sneaker pairs with a faint sunset, palm trees, and a melting Nike Swoosh. The custom sneaker has a very "What The" feel and the extra fizzing details on the upper bring the "Sprite" reference to life. 


Customizer Noelito took inspiration from his hometown Puerto Rico and reflected it into his custom Nike LeBron 10s. Utilizing a very interesting technique on the sole, Noelito replicated the appearance of sand on the beach. The blue sky and sea fades from the upper into a tan color around the toe box, creating that visual between the sky, sea, and sand of Puerto Rican beaches. Flower and Sand Castles graphics add an artistic touch while the Puerto Rican flag reference brings the sneaker together on the tongue. 


Astrotorf has a very compelling story behind his inspiration for the custom LeBron 10s. Referencing Hawaii, a place not only where he spent his honeymoon, but where he also celebrated his 10 year anniversary with his wife, Astrotorf  featured the Hawaiian sunset on one sneaker alongside the sunrise on the opposite sneaker, to display one of the world's most beautiful scenes. Palm Trees, Birds, and Dolphin graphics are located around the upper to reference pieces of Hawaii you may encounter while vacationing there. The midsole was painted with very fine and detailed lines to resemble the ocean's rough waters, bringing the tropical theme together.