Sneaker Customizer Mache Now Offers Custom Furniture

Working with celebrities and athletes like Wale, Kanye West, and Kobe Bryant, Dan Gamache, mostly known as "Mache" has become one of the leading customizers in the sneaker industry. Mache's work has been featured in multiple galleries and talked about on top fashion/sneaker blogs. Growing up Mache has always had an eye for art, and little by little he has improved over time and crafted and built his own personal brand.

Commonly known for sneakers, Mache has now expanded his business once again, this time moving into custom furniture pieces. Through MCK Furniture Mache is able to design creative limited pieces for your home or office. Mache currently offers custom Stackable Wood Displays and Wood "Stash Boxes". They are both available in custom designs or solid colors. You can check out Mache's custom furniture pieces here