Gola Classics Autumn/Winter 2016 Collection

At SneakerShouts, we constantly love discovering and introducing brands that have been in the footwear industry for a very long time. 

Gola Classics reflects on its deep British roots for its upcoming AW16 collection, reinforcing the brand's 111 year-old authentic feel with a collection that builds in a timeless aesthetic and quality materials. 

The upcoming collection features the Gola Bullet, which celebrates its 40th anniversary, the Tennis '79, and the Harrier Metallic Print. The collection incorporates a color palette associated with racket sports, working in a lot of navy and burgundy hues into the footwear collection.  

The Gola Classics Aw16 Collection is expected to arrive in select stores sometime in July/August 2016, and will also be available at www.golausa.com