Pink Miracle is the Top Selling Shoe Cleaner on Amazon

Pink Miracle has earned its spot as the TOP SELLING shoe cleaner on Amazon by offering a high quality formula that delivers results at a very affordable price. Pink Miracle's rich heritage dates back over 25 years ago when it was first formulated in the streets of California. It quickly gained notoriety in many marketplaces throughout Orange County and the buzz spread quickly, helping Pink Miracle grow its grassroots throughout California. Current owners Dion and Jionni recognized the brand needed a boost and took Pink Miracle online where the buzz has grown even quicker, as Pink Miracle has become the top selling shoe cleaner on Amazon

Pink Miracle's formula is a non-toxic mix of soap, gentle oils, and conditioners that work on all washable materials including; leathers, vinyl, nubuck, and suede. By mixing just a little bit of Pink Miracle concentration with water an 8 oz. bottle, on average, cleans between 50-60 pairs of sneakers. Pink Miracle is manufactured in the United States and comes equipped with a free brush to help give your old dirty pair of sneakers another chance! 

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