Westbrook Frames Will Release a Limited-Edition Jordan Westbrook 0

As seen on DJ Khaled's snapchat, Russell Westbrook will bridge his eyewear brand with his Jordan Brand contract. Westbrook will release a two super limited packs that will feature two sneakers and sunglasses colorways. Dubbed the "Westbrook Frames Artist" series, the collection will set out to work with different artists all over the US, who will give their own unique touches to the Jordan Westbrook 0 silhouette and sunglasses. 

Paul Shelton from Los Angeles, who goes by the name McFlyy, will be the first artist featured in the series dropping the "White Lightning" and "Black Camo" colorways.

The collection will drop tomorrow (May 17th, 2016) at 9:30am EST. at WestbrookFrames.com. Only 14 pairs of sneakers and sunglasses will be released. Good luck!