Create Your Own Adidas ZX Flux Colorway

Adidas began the ZX series in the late 80's when it released the ZX 500 in 1984. It changed the way the industry perceived how a running sneaker should look like, taking on a more stylish design approach. This allowed more consumers to embed running sneakers into  their everyday wear, creating more uses for the sneaker other than running. Later the ZX 600, 700, and 800 would become one of the first highly technological sneakers, fusing together the technology industry with the lifestyle and running world, bridging the gap while educating users. 

The rich history of the ZX series has allowed the Adidas ZX Flux to flourish today, as it has quickly became one of Adidas' most popular silhouettes in the marketplace. The Adidas ZX Flux was inspired by several previous ZX silhouettes, specifically the ZX 8000. Adidas took pieces from past silhouettes which had been successful for the brand and came up with a brand new model (ZX Flux) which had a more modern day aesthetic. The Adidas ZX Flux tells a story about Adidas' rich heritage and passion to bridge innovation with lifestyle and sports. 

You can create your own Adidas ZX Flux colorway here