A Popular Sneaker Seller Has Been Taken Down By The Feds & IRS

Sneaker resellers and early "plugs" have always been a topic of discussion in our beloved sub-culture. Whether you think they are an eyesore or a bit of help to people in need of pairs that they have been searching for, their presence is felt throughout the game on all levels. The brands have taken notice and the Swoosh helped take down a popular sneaker seller who for some time has seemed a bit questionable. Online retailer Supplied PDX (Get-Supplied.com) was found to be a one man show that was operating right from his home. 

He was found to allegedly have been getting his supply of kicks from overseas connects in Asia who were stealing materials from the factories which were contracted with the sneaker brands. Federal investigators as well as Nike's team of sleuths tracked down his suppliers, the money trail and even stopped orders from coming in to Supplied's owner, James Pepion, all but assuring that his business would not be "booming" anymore. His site is no longer displaying product and his social media accounts have been taken down.

Pepion was operating in the backyard of both Nike and adidas in Oregon and was known to be selling popular models and samples of Air Jordans/Nike and adidas/Yeezy. 

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