Under Armour Currently Has The Reigning MVP in 4 Major Sports

Image by SoleCollector 

Image by SoleCollector 

First off congratulations to Cam Newton, who was officially named the NFL MVP last night, beating out Tom Brady. Cam Newton has joined a roster of players like Stephen Curry (NBA), Bryce Harper (MLB), and Carey Price (NHL) who have all been crowned the reigning MVP of their perspective sports league.  Aside from dominating the league they play in, all these players have one thing in common; they are all signed with Under Armour. 

Under Armour has spent the last few years building an amazing roster of athletes who endorse their products and even create their own signature lines. The company's sales and stock price is thriving and a lot of that can be contributed to the recent performance of their endorsed athletes. Under Armour's holiday sales were up 98% in 2015 from the previous year, and a lot of that was due to a huge increase in the Basketball category sales. Stephen Curry alone has been able to launch the brand to the next level, but accompanied by other great athletes like Cam Newton, Bryce Harper, and Carey Price the brand is heading in the right direction. 

Although winning the NFL MVP award is a tremendous accomplishment, Cam Newton will step onto the field today to face off the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl 50 in an attempt to fulfill his promise to Under Amour. Before the season started last summer, Cam Newton made a promise to Under Armour that he would win them a Super Bowl either this year or next year. Tonight, he'll be able to keep that promise if the Carolina Panthers are able to defeat the Denver Broncos and might even be able to win back to back superbowls!

Watch Cam Newton make his promise to Under Amour below.