Kanye West Clears Air About Kylie Jenner's Puma Partnership + $53 Million Dollar Debt

When the story broke out about Kylie Jenner signing a deal with Puma Kanye West took to twitter to expressed how he felt and stating that Kylie would never be "Puma Anything" and they were going to give Puma their measly million dollars back. However, today an official statement was released by Adam Petrick, Global Director of Brand and Marketing for Puma, confirming the 18-year old reality star will be indeed featured in Puma's next campaign despite Ye's comments. 

I am pleased and excited to be able to confirm that PUMA is indeed working with Kylie Jenner. Kylie represents a fresh and exciting new era for fashion and we couldn’t think of a more fitting and influential female to headline this campaign for PUMA
— Adam Petrick

The video above shows Kanye West responding to his initial remarks today as reporters remind him of how wrong he actually was. Kanye states that he found out after Kylie Jenner had already signed with Puma and was a bit upset about the situation but remains very happy for her. He also goes on to discuss his comments about being $53 million dollars in debt. 

Editors Thoughts: I've been trying to tell people from the start that Kanye West isn't really $53 million dollars in debt. Kanye West SPENT $53 million dollars over the last 13 years trying to fund his own ideas and projects, some which were complete failures and other which were more successful. Also I'm glad Kylie Jenner decided to keep the deal with Puma and wasn't influenced by Kanye West. Unless you're paying her to rock the Yeezys you have no right to dictate her career Ye! I understand why Kanye was upset though. Kylie Jenner is one of the most influential women in the millennials demographic. She deserves to have her own lane, plus she's been killing it with Pacsun. I mean just look around, she's influenced how a lot of girls dress, look, and act today. I think Kanye West was a bit pissed off that he potentially just lost all that free influence he was earning. I mean honestly, the amount of girls who hit me up about "hooking them up" with a pair of Adidas x Yeezys has been crazy. These same girls couldn't tell you anything about the Nike x Kanye West sneakers though. Granted, social media wasn't as strong as it is today, but we'd be blind to say a lot of that hasn't been contributed by the Kardashians and other female celebrities. Rant over haha.