Kanye West Wouldn't Return to Nike For a Billion Dollars (Video)

Kanye West's first two seasons of his Yeezy clothing and kicks were pretty much a runaway hit. While the shoes did what they did (quick sellouts, huge return on investment for resellers), it seems like some of the clothing didn't move as quickly. That could be due to a certain number of things but one was definitely the high price tag that was attached to all the pieces. It seems as if 'Ye took notice and promised to bring the prices down. While we can't say for certain that we have any knowledge of what Mr.West is talking about, we could be seeing perhaps a lower priced tier of goods from the Yeezy collections going forward. So in thought, we may have the higher priced, more limited goods and a more available collection that won't be such a huge hit on our wallets. What do you guys think of this? Check the video from TMZ to check what 'Ye says about the future of his goods as well as why he wouldn't return to Nike, not even for a BILLION dollars.

Source: TMZ