A Twitter Conversation Reveals A Bit More Of Why Yeezy Made The Jump To adidas

Kanye West famously left the Swoosh for the Three Stripes of adidas last year. During his tour stops and press events, he would give more and more as far as why he made the switch. Now, one of adidas high ranking U.S execs decided to fill us in a bit more as to one of the main reasons why 'Ye is now down with the German brand. Jon Wexler broke it down as simple as this: creative control. While he states that Nike may have offered more money (we assume upfront), adidas countered with full control of his creative content (shoes plus an entire clothing range, etc). Kanye has also said that royalties played a part so the money that Nike may/may not have put up, could possibly not have been enough to sway him to stick with the Swoosh.

Check out the screenshots of Wex's Twitter conversation and give us your thoughts on this latest bit of inside information. Also check out the bit about Nike threatening their athletes about attending Ye's fashion shows.

Source: Jon Wexler / adidas