Did Under Armour & "Chef" Curry Cook Up The Winning Shoe Of The Day?

Under Armour and Stephen Curry have been on a roll this year but it is safe to say that no one outside of their immediate circles expected as much support as each has gotten. Today we saw the Under Armour Curry One "MVP" release and it sold out in a flash. The black/white/gold shoe was indeed quite limited but it sold out literally within minutes and trying to land a pair online was almost impossible. Under Armour's website crashed and the shoe was replenished a few times during this morning's online rush but it was to no avail because they flew off the digital UA shelves just as fast as they were put up.

The extremely reasonably priced $120 shoe is now fetching anywhere between $250-$400 on the resale market, a feat we didn't expect to see right away from Curry's signature line. It was most certainly a pleasant surprise for the Maryland based brand and hopefully it is a signal that they need to keep doing what they are doing with Steph's kicks. We are crossing our fingers that a restock takes place in order to grab our pairs of this beautiful and functional pair of kicks.

Were you guys able to grab a pair? What's the verdict on these? Great, good or bad? Let us know by commenting below. Make sure to stay tuned to Sneakershouts for any possible restock information.

Source: Under Armour