Official Guide For the Adidas Yeezy 750 "Triple Black" Release

The Adidas Yeezy 750 Boost "Triple Black" is set to launch on December 19th, 2015. According to inside sources, the Yeezy 750 "Triple Black" will be available in more stores than the previous Adidas Yeezy 350 "Moonrock" release, which was limited to only retailers who carried Yeezy Season 1. They will also be offered through more retailers than the previous initial gray Adidas Yeezy 750 that released earlier this year during All-Star weekend.

Below is a list of retailers who will be releasing the Adidas Yeezy 750 Boost "Triple Black" online/in-stores. Be sure to bookmark this page and constantly check back before December 19th, 2015, as SneakerShouts will update the list as more information unfolds and retailers announce they will be releasing them. 

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Confirmed Online Release

Adidas US (Random Time) -

SoleBox (Random Time) -

One Block Down (Random Time) -

Excelsior Milano (Random Time) -

PacSun (8am EST.) -

Jimmy Jazz (10am EST.) -

Finishline (Sold Out) -

Adidas EU (Sold Out) - 

DSM (Sold Out) - 

JD Sports (Sold Out) -

Antonioli (Sold Out) -

Grafitti Shop (Sold Out) - 

Oki-Ni (Sold Out) - 

Urban Jungle (Sold Out) -



Confirmed Raffles/In-Store

Footlocker - In-Store Only

Footlocker EU - In-store Only

Champs Sports - In-Store Only 

SNS - Online + In-Store Raffle

Kicks USA - Online Raffle

Shoe Palace - Digital In-Store Raffle

END Clothing - In-store Raffle

RuVilla - Online Raffle

UBIQ - In-store Raffle

Wish ATL - Online Raffle

CNCPTS - In-store Raffle

Packers Shoes - In-Store Raffle

Mr.Porter - Instagram Raffle

SJS - Raffle via Online Game

Livestock Canada - Online + in-store Raffle

Barneys Chicago - In-store Release

JD Sports - In-Store Raffle

Size Co.Size Co. - In-Store Raffle

Well Gosh - Online Raffle 

Avenue Store - In-store Raffle

Bodega Store - In-store Raffle

Asphalt Gold - Snapchat Raffle

FLANNELS - In-store Raffle

Hanon Shop - In-store Raffle

NRML - In-Store Charity Raffle

Patta NL - In-store Raffle

1st OG - Instagram Raffle

Harvey Nichols - Instagram Raffle

EBLENS - Instagram Raffle

Shoe City - Online Raffle

Graffiti Shop (Italy Only) - Online Raffle

Suede Store - Newsletter Sign Up

St. Alfreds - Instore Raffle

Sole Box - Online/In-Store

APLACE - Online Raffle

Addict - Instagram Raffle

Hunting & Collection - Online Raffle

Social Status - Newsletter Raffle

Starcow Paris - Instagram Raffle

Consortium - Instagram Raffle

YCMC - Online Raffle

TRAIDS - In-Store Raffle

Nigra Mercato - In-Store Raffle 

BSTN - In-Store

Burn Rubber - In-Store

Expressions - In-Store

Device One - In-Store

Commonwealth - In-Store

Major DC - In-Store 

Next Door - In-Store

Nice Kicks - In-Store

Offspring - In-Store

RSVP - In-Store

Shelf Life - In-Store

Sole Classics - In-Store

Summer Lyon - In-Store

Tres Bein - In-Store

Unheard Of Brand - Store Release

WOOD WOOD - In-Store

43einhalb - In-Store 

** as the release date gets closer links will be more direct/specific. Also more retailers will be added to the list as announcements are made.