Could A Game Changing Sneaker Stock Market Be On The Horizon?

A few weeks ago we had the pleasure of listening to a TED talk given by none other than Campless' own Josh Luber. While he gave outsiders some insight into our world, he also opened the sneaker community's eyes as to the going rate of sneakers and how the market is set. Well our friends over at BMBR were able to get an interview in with Josh and he's letting the world know that his Campless team is on the verge of even better and bigger things. Josh is putting us on notice and is letting us know that a sneaker stock market/exchange is a reality and a thing of the future. Very near future, like 2016 future. 

While he didn't get too much into the specifics, we did take away a few things from the first part of the interview. The stock market will lead to a marketplace with actual changing and fluctuating prices. A true supply/demand that can change in an instant, just like the real stock market. The second thing that we took away is that Campless has not only opened doors for Josh and his team but has also brought in people from the outside who now want to invest in this game of ours, usually through partnerships with movers and shakers in our industry.

Check the full first half of the interview HERE and stay tuned to SneakerShouts for part 2 of BMBR's interview with Josh Luber.