Fake Nike Mags With Power Laces Are Already Being Made! (Video)

👀First look at the power lacing system of the unauthorized nike mags Via @perfectkicksnet

A video posted by ❌Real VS Fake Kicks❌ (@fake_education) on

It hasn't even been a month since Nike officially unveiled the new Nike Mags with Power Lacing technology. With a scheduled 2016 Spring auction release ahead of us, it may be possible you'll only land a pair for a couple thousand dollars. Disappointing new surfaced today when @Fake_Education shared a video of unauthorized Nike Mags that had Power Lacing technology! Surprisedly, the black market was able to imitate and re-create Nike's latest technology in less than 3 weeks. There was no indication or possibility of telling whether they operate in the same way or if it would be subpar technology to what Nike will release. We would have to wait until Spring 2016 until we'd be able to compare the real from the fakes. 

Stay tuned with @SneakerShouts for information regarding the Nike Mags with Power Lacing as Spring '16 gets closer.