Easy Way to Spot Fake Adidas Yeezy 350 Boosts

The Adidas Yeezy 350 Boost is one of this year's hottest and most sought after sneaker. With popularity, unfortunately comes a market flooded with fakes. The sneaker simplistic look makes it harder and harder to spot out fakes, as replicas are getting more and more accurate every day. One of the easiest and simple ways to spot a real from a fake is in the "Boost" unit itself, something that hasn't been able to be properly replicated. 

Thanks to Reddit user MomisSpaghetti, a new legit check on the Yeezy 350 has surfaced, and its pretty damn accurate! Below is a comparison between a real and fake pair. 

Above is an authentic pair, note where and the form of the Adidas Boost technology placement. They random, inconsistent, and no visible similarities in their patter, size, or shape of the Boost pellet. 

Below is an image of a replica pair. Look closely, as you can see the Boost technology is actually uniform. The left and right pair are "Mirror Images" of the Boost unit. The replica material was molded and created to look like the Adidas Boost technology, but hold no real energy capturing properties. Also if you have the ability to feel the boost technology in person, you will notice that authentic pairs' boost is much softer and pliable opposed to fake pairs which contain fake boost that if very stiff.