California Police Department Opens Exchange Zone to Make Sneaker Selling/Trading Safer

Sneaker buying, trading, and selling is at an all-time. It's an industry that's evolving and becoming very lucrative, yet very dangerous for some collectors. The police department in Clovis, California have taken notice of the inherent brutality that comes with the hustle and have opened a designated "Exchange Zone" where buyers and sellers can meet up to trade goods for cash in a safe environment. 

The location is set up in the vicinity of Clovis Police Department and has been set up to prevent fraud. Although there aren't any stand by police officers on-site, the fact that the meeting area is within walking distance of a police station may keep scammers away. The area is under 24-hour camera surveillance, giving buyers and sellers some peace of mind from being robbed or scammed. You can read more about the "Exchange Zone" on Clovis PD's Facebook Page.