RISE For Puma "New York Is For Lovers" Raises Awareness For HIV/AIDS

Since HIV/AIDS appeared in the 1980s thousands of New Yorkers and tens of millions around the world have been devastated by these infections. They are mainly spread by sharing needles, un-protected sex, and childbirth, but the biggest contributor to infection is ignorance. Science has has been progressing, making it possible to live with these infections and build a life with little to no interruption. Organizations like amfAR have provided an incredible amount of tireless work and research which has directly changed to the way we treat these maladies today.

Chase Peso, co-founder of RISE, who lost his father to HIV/AIDS, has decided to team up with Puma on a project that would donate its proceeds to the amfAR organization. Puma, which has proven to be an ideal partner for the project, has provided their resources and hopped on board in the the battle to change the trajectory of how we see,discuss, and judge HIV/AIDS. It isn't about flashing PR, instead its about using the social force of the sneaker industry and community to educate and lift spirits to those who are affected one way or another by these diseases. 

Science has changed since 1994, when my Father had passed of AIDS. We all knew, he knew, that sharing needles was going to put him at risk. That risk was realized and my family lost him. I lost him. And it was entirely avoidable. This pathway doesn’t have to be walked by anyone else, not anymore. “New York is for Lovers” is our attempt to create awareness, and inspire those who are living with it every day.
— Chase Peso, Co-Founder of RISE

"I Love New York" is a statement that is more than just a slogan on t-shirts in Time Square. It's a way of life. To love New York is to love New Yorkers, all New Yorkers. Every baker, banker, and bus boy. By educating each other and working seriously towards fighting the issues, Puma, RISE, and arfAR look to erase the stigma by empowering our friends to remember the ones we've lost. 

RISE for Puma "New York is For Lovers" launches on World AIDS Day on December 1st, 2015. Stay tuned with SneakerShouts as more information unfolds as we want to keep you updated and able to join in and support!