John Wall is Officially a Sneaker Free Agent

John Wall's contract with Adidas has officially expired. According to a report from the Washington Post, the five year ($25 million) contract that originally started with Reebok ended on September 30th, which means the basketball star has been without an official sneaker deal for almost two months now. Unlike James Harden's recent move from Nike to Adidas, Wall's lack of sneaker moves have been pretty much under the radar. John Wall has continued to support the three-stripe brand during official NBA games, but the report also mentioned that Wall has been wearing unspecified brands during practice and off-court events. 

John Wall and Adidas have been able to establish a strong brand identity during these last couple years through his own signature collection. Considering John Wall's abilities on-court and being one of the most dominating young players in the NBA, we can assume Adidas will try to keep him on board. However, if Adidas does decide to let John Wall walk, it'll be interesting to see who, if anyone, decides to bite. Could Jordan Brand make a move to adding him onto their long roster list of dominating players? Or would Under Armour look to build on top of recent success with Steph Curry? 

Stay tuned with SneakerShouts as we follow what happens with Washington Wizard star John Wall.