There's A Secret Sneaker Market That Isn't Such A Secret

This sneaker world in which we partake in has so many people who hail from seemingly just about every place in the world. We have all sorts of characters in this game of ours and resellers happen to be one set of them. Whether you love them or loathe them, they have their own space and according to Josh Luber of Campless, they are raking in the dough. While we've known about resellers for the longest, it seems like the world outside our world has no clue about the resale market, even with all those online news reports and articles on kids making bank off kicks.

Josh Luber gave a TED talk that opened alot of the masses' eyes but also gave our community some insight as to how far this thing of ours can go and how Nike controls how changing prices happen on the resale market. One of the best lines out of the entire presentation was "for some people, sneakers are a legal and accessible investment opportunity. A democratized stock market, but also an unregulated one". 

This was most definitely an interesting take on this game of ours from one of the players in it. Take a look at the vid and give us your thoughts on Josh Luber's TED talk and what this means for our community and the possible growth of it in the future from those who just want to be in it for the capital gains, without ever having the passion for rubber and leather, as most of us do.

Source: TED