Ewing Athletics Winterizes the 33 Hi For Fall/Winter

With Fall already getting us turning to our hoodie and jacket for warmth, and winter slowly approaching, Ewing Athletics prepares to deliver one of their classic models that is made to withstand the harsh weather that awaits us. Transforming the Ewing 33 Hi, Ewing Athletics Winterizes the sneaker to uphold against tough conditions, like snow, rain, and cold temperatures.  

UtiliIng a earthy tones, the Ewing 33 Hi debuts in a French roast and green color scheme. The upper is a dark brown with a hit of green on the overlay which both sit on a black midsole. The base of the sneaker is completely waterproof, while boot laces and eyelets add the final touches.  

No release date has yet been announced, but they are expected to hit select Ewing retailers in November. Stay tuned with SneakerShouts as more release info unfolds.   

Photos via Ray P