Adidas Just Took Over James Harden's Closet

James Harden has been making headlines in the sneaker industry because he signed a $200 million deal with Adidas, but was still wearing Nikes. His official contract with Nike has ended, which was restricting his footwear choice, and today marks the first day of his 13 year contract with Adidas. 

Adidas showed up to James Harden house with a ton of sneaker choices, making sure Harden forever forgets the Swoosh Brand. A lot of people have been pointing James Harden was given all GR and nothing exclusive. Keep in mind, Adidas marketing wants to use this as an opportunity to product place items that are readily available for purchase. You will definitely see Harden in exclusive, sold out footwear throughout yet, but for now he will be in a lot of GR's that are sitting on shelves. Adidas doesn't need to highlight sold out product right now.