Etonic Brand "Lo Life" Sneaker Project.

If you're from the New York City area you are probably more than familiar with the "Lo Life" Gang that boosted Ralph Lauren from their local Macys and Bloomingdale retail stores in the late 80's and early 90's. "Lo Life" gangs would clear the racks out and gear themselves up from head to toe in the best Ralph Lauren gear, gaining recognition for boosting the hottest pieces. 

Etonic Brand showcased a sneaker dedicated to the Lo Life culture at Agenda Long Beach in California this week. The sneaker features a classic Red, White, and Blue stadium colorway with a detailed tongue and heel tab. The sneaker is mostly a tumble leather with a mesh like toe box. 

The sneaker has no set release date or retail price and is still a first version sample. Expect the final prototype to change a slight bit. The collection will also feature a few apparel pieces that will drop along side the sneaker.