Adidas Attempt to Block Puma's "NRGY" Technology Fails in Court

A German court has rejected Adidas's petition to prevent Puma from producing its line of NRGY sneakers that rival the Three Stripes "Boost" technology. Adidas filed an injunction for Puma to stop selling footwear the footwear, but the request has officially been denied. 

Puma launched its NRGY line back in 2014 after partnering with Huntsman Corp. What's interesting however, is before that partnership launched, Puma had been working with BASF, the same company that developed Adidas's Boost technology that debuted in 2013. Adidas felt that Puma had stolen the basis of the Boost technology. 

During the injunction process, Puma has held back from launching new versions of the NRGY sneakers, but now that the courts have ruled in their favors, Puma will return to promoting new models more aggressively.